Saturday, November 1 st, 2014
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Inter: three points more in Europa League, one step back in the game
Mazzarri's team got the three points against a weak opponent, but the team seem to have lost confidence and precision
by Victor Henriette
Coach Walter Mazzarri decided to align his first team, in a classical 3-5-2; Carrizo- Juan Jesus- Andreolli-Ranocchia-Nagatomo-D’ambrosio-Kuzmanovic-M’Vila-Hernanes-Guarin-Icardi. The Nerazzurri got the three points with a 2-0 (D'Ambrosio scored the opener after 18 minutes and Icardi closed the game in the 85th minute).

Analyzing this game, it is obvious that Mazzari’s team was not very comfortable and confident. Cheap game construction, imprecise long balls, lack of inspiration from midfielders…

Too many mistakes were committed against a team who is theoretically the weakest of the group. Combination on both sides, with Nagatomo and D’Ambrosio, rarely succeeded. Many long balls from middle and mostly from the defense failed (because of imprecision or the need of target man). The entrance of Osvaldo changed the game, due to his physical and technical skills. Another curious fact in this game should be mentioned; cramps. Indeed, four players suffered from cramps. Two aspects have to be highlighted. First, a question about the physical pre-season training: how is possible, for a top team as Inter, to be touched by so many physical problems on the 2nd of October?

Second, this is more an observation; experienced players are definitely out of the team. Indeed, each player on the pitch last night had played only a few games in European competitions. This was obvious in the middle of second half, when exhaustion appeared, when too many errors were committed. Experienced players such as Cambiasso would have been calm the game, playing horizontally and even making some “professional fault”. This is not a problem against a modest team but it could put Inter in troubles in Serie A.

This was an unmistakable match for Mazzarri’s team in order to gain a bit of confidence before the Firenze’s battle. Although the win was not the clearest one, Inter took the lead of group F and this is the most important fact at the moment.

First of all, the team needs confidence to (re)found his game’s background and safety. Inter is able to stun positively (they beat Sassuolo 7-0) but also negatively (as the defeat at Caglieri proves). The team needs stability and to found his frame-players: we are talking about Kovacic, Hernanes, Osvaldo and Vidic.

A new cycle started one year ago and you can feel this is just the beginning of something completely new. Mazzarri has a lot of work in order to do in order to create coherence, strength and stability into a group and to come back to his natural position: the top of Serie A and the elite of Europe. The Tuscan coach needs confidence from Thohir and economic resources as well. An advice for this ambitious enterprise should be to draw the model of their eternal enemy, Juventus. Indeed, the team had finished twice at the 7th position with a huge commercial deficit. In a couple of years, the new staff recreated a sane and coherent management, combining reduction of deficit and increasing sportive results. This is maybe the way to follow.

Friday, October 3 rd, 2014
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