Monday, February 23 rd, 2015
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Milan coach granted more freedom of movement to the Japanese talent. A choice that's bearing fruits for the Rossoneri
Giuseppe Sansonna is a film director and he dedicated two documentaries to the Czeck coach. He tells us that in the everyday life, Zeman is very different from how he appears in the mass media
Former Kenyan club CEO thrashes African federations for corruption and malpractices that hinder local systems, as European clubs just think about performance and money
Exclusive interview: Foot is columnist for The Guardian, author of "History of Italian football" and he is professor of Italian at the University of Bristol
Pablo Alabarces, Argentinian academy teacher (University of Buenos Aires) specialized in Popular and Mass Culture. He wrote, among others, Football and Patria (2008) Chronicles of aguante and Football, violence and politics (2012).