Tuesday, September 23 rd, 2014
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SuperMario's controversial tweet triggered violent replies; after the great goal in Champions; the Borussia's striker committed a decisive error in Bundesliga (by Jem Bosatta)
The Frenchman always drifted far from Juventus defence, while Tevez played an all-round match, tracking back to defend the lead after his decisive goal
by Shaan Sengupta
That 9th of December, the two sides drew 1-1 but Milan fans still remember the astonishing opener by Ševčenko, who threw an authentic rocket from an impossible position
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The Czech coach, now on the bench of Cagliari, will face AS Roma at the Olimpico stadium. His relationship with the Giallorossi fan is complex and really deserves to be told (by Federico Formica)
Champions League's little sister revenues have to be splitted in two parts: one is fixed and the other depends on the market pool
by Marco Bellinazzo
The Giallorossi's debut ended with a clean victory over the Russian side. Gervinho and Iturbe dismantled a ridicolous defense
by Federico Formica
An important source of revenues seems to be underestimated in Italy: Roma and Palermo are the main teams that still have to find a brand for their shirts
by Marco Bellinazzo
How was the matchday for our footballers abroad? Apart from Marco Verratti, who is completely integrated at PSG, only Graziano Pellé can be satisfied, as he scored his second goal in Premier League
by Anthony Pepe
Being absent from European competition has a bright side: you can rebuild a team and a tactical identity, without any mid-week stress. Juventus and Roma enjoyed the same situation in a recent past
by Mohamed Ezzat
any given monday
Milan scored 5 goals without a real centre-forward, but their defensive amnesias are something they have to work on. Sassuolo is allergic to Inter: they were buried by the Nerazzurri once again. Nainggolan was the saviour of a pale Roma
by Federico Formica
seriously addicted
Among forgotten (ex) young players, authentic stars and promising aces, the overall market value of the team almost reaches €150 M
by Federico Formica
classics & memorabilia
Many Italian footballers who played in the 70's and 80's suffered of this misterious syndrome. Stefano Borgonovo, who formed an amazing attacking duo with Baggio at Fiorentina, said for the first time that it was not a random occurrence (by Anthony Pepe)
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