Thursday, April 17 th, 2014
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“Joining Juventus was one of the best things I’ve ever done”. This is not the first quote which would come to mind when one considers Ian Rush’s short spell at Juve in the 1987-88 season, but it is how Rush remembers the time (by Anthony Pepe)
The Championship club was in dire straits when the Pozzo family took over. They revolutionized the club, bringing in youth players form Italy and Spain, as the fans are backing up the project
by Jamie Wilkins
"Italian teams struggle in Europe because their pace is slower compared to the EPL and UCL." This is a common theory among experts in Italy, but is it true? According to our reaserch yes, as Italian referees call an average of 10 more fouls per game
by Niccolò Misul and John Cavenaghi
The two Milanese clubs missed a huge opportunity after their Champions League wins. Stadium, transfer policy, primitive marketing policy: in a few years, Calcio ceded its economic superiority to England, Spain and Germany (by Adi-Oula Sebastian)
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Roma has secured the second place. But that's not enough for the French coach, that's keeping his team on a string. After the loss at Napoli, the Giallorossi won seven games in a row
by Federico Formica
The goalkeeper debuted at his 17 and hit the headlines against a Milanese team. Exactly like the number 1 of Italy and Juventus. But recent history is full of missed successors of Buffon...
by John Cavenaghi
If you think about the best football player ever, you visualize him with Napoli's jersey. El Pibe de Oro found his true self only in the Southern Italian city
by Anthony Pepe
When he took the Inter job he had no idea of the sort of Kafkian situation he would soon experience in Milan. Criticized for everything he did and didn’t do, he finally finds himself defending his work in front of a jury and a combative plaintiff…
by John Cavenaghi
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Charismatic, winner and authoritarian. Helenio Herrera- who was born 104 years ago today- was the main architect of the 60's Great Inter. The similarities with the Special One are impressive
by Federico Formica
Why is the Argentinian talent being the most expensive flop in Tottenham's history? Injuries and the different pace of English football are two reasons. But even Cristiano Ronaldo struggled in his first Premier League season...
by Richard Clarke
After a decade of complete domination, Serie A clubs started snubbing the second European competition, losing many positions in the UEFA ranking
by Federico Formica and John Cavenaghi
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