Thursday, July 24 th, 2014
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seriously addicted
Following the Azzurri in the games against Costa Rica and Uruguay was frustrating, but the unique atmosphere and some special encounters made the experience unforgettable. Here's the travel diary of our contributor (by Francesco Amorosino)
seriously addicted
Now that Cambiasso has left the club the need for this kind of midfield warrior was more important than ever. M'Vila is the perfect candidate to become the engine of the squad
by Mike Whittaker
With his resignation as Juve coach still sending shockwaves throughout the Juventus environment, we decided to list his five most memorable moments as Juve manager
by Alessio Manes
seriously addicted
The goal-line technology and vanishing foam on set-pieces were the major innovations of Brazil 2014. There were more in the past, and they always penalized defenders (by Anthony Pepe)
Two failures in a row (2010 and 2014) are too much for a football-addicted country. It's time for a structural change and unconventional decisions
by Francesco Amorosino
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Brazil 2014
The ridiculous tribute to Neymar before Brazil-Germany, the imaginary spray, James Rodriguez sitting on the goalscorers throne... Here's our Brazil 2014 top ten
by Ben Cousins
Brazil 2014
Miroslav Klose set an important record and won the Cup: impossible to do better. Pogba was the best young player of the tournament, but his low form was evident. The same as Arturo Vidal
by Anthony Pepe and Federico Formica
One of the most winning coaches in Juve's history wanted a breakthrough to match against the best European teams. But he realized that the Old Lady wouldn't satisfy his demands in the transfer window
by Niccolò Misul
Brazil 2014
Josué, now 84, was in the army and at the Maracana that day: "The stadium was packed, I could barely see the pitch. Nobody thought we could lose. Back then it was overconfidence, this time it was the opposite, as we overly respected a stronger opponent"
by Hugo Fulco
The Saints have just signed the striker from Italian "Salento" for € 6,5 M. His goalscoring talent exploded just two years ago
Brazil 2014
As Germany evens Italy’s four World Cups, Brazil 2014 teaches us a lesson on the difference between Germany and Italy: the former win when they should, the latter win when they shouldn’t (by John Cavenaghi)
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