Thursday, February 19 th, 2015
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After 22 years at Cagliari (and 36 managers), one of the most controversial presidents of Serie A is exporting his methods at Leeds. Because a leopard can't change its spots...
Heralded as a future world class star – he has struggled to live up to this billing - but Man City’s loss is Fiorentina’s gain as the England international is presented with the opportunity to showcase his undoubted talent on a new stage – Serie A
With Giuseppe Rossi out for the rest of the year due to injury and Mario Gomez looking like a shadow of the man he was at Bayern, Babacar has been given a great opportunity to prove himself in top flight football
The defensive playmaker was considered one of the best Italian young footballers. Milan sold him to the Portuguese side in a 6 Millions deal
The Giallorossi are very close to the 20-year-old right back. Yedlin was among the most promising talents to perform in the Brazilian World Cup. His origins are a mix between Europe, Africa and America
At Roma and Milan the ex Barça infant prodigy seemed to be afraid of the penalty area. Premier League will be a physical challenge for him, and Stoke a last resort for his career
The legendary Milan coach resigned from his role in the Italian football federation. "I'm too stressed", he said. This is the story of how he changed italian football forever
The former Swansea finisher arrived in England as a trequartista but his skills convinced Laudrup to deploy him as a forward. With Hamšík and Higuaín in the roster, in which position will he play for the Partenopei?
In the last week Juve finally concluded what seemed to be one of the longest transfers saga’s of the summer. Patrice Evra is officially a Bianconero. But is this really the move that a now Conte-less Old Lady should be making?
The Saints have just signed the striker from Italian "Salento" for € 6,5 M. His goalscoring talent exploded just two years ago
The Englishman has taken a massive pay-cut to join the Giallorossi, this highlights his desire to keep playing at the top level. A move to the capital for the Chelsea legend is just the shot in the arm that both Cole and Roma need
In a slower and more tactical league, the 32-years-old Serb defender won't need to count on speed and pace as he was used to do in the Premier League. Inter's three men defense fits perfectly to his skills
'Carletto' is at his latest chapter as coach of Real Madrid and will try to give the tenth Champions League to the blancos
With Man City's £22 million signing struggling for fitness and game time in Manchester - we must ask the question - was this the wrong move at the right time for Jo-Jo?
“Joining Juventus was one of the best things I’ve ever done”. This is not the first quote which would come to mind when one considers Ian Rush’s short spell at Juve in the 1987-88 season, but it is how Rush remembers the time
The goalkeeper debuted at his 17 and hit the headlines against a Milanese team. Exactly like the number 1 of Italy and Juventus. But recent history is full of missed successors of Buffon...
If you think about the best football player ever, you visualize him with Napoli's jersey. El Pibe de Oro found his true self only in the Southern Italian city
In the 1995-96 season with Bari, the striker from Romagna was the first and only player to be top goal scorer in Serie A on a relegated side. But Protti became a legend in another coastal city: Livorno
The genius of Parma could be selected for the incoming World Cup 2014. His career has always been a chiaroscuro. What if he had thought more about playing football and less about making jokes on teammates and coaches?
Inter, Manchester City, now Galatasaray. Il Mancio seems to lure clubs with huge economic resources
The French wonderboy's value boosted in the last two seasons. The midfielder has been linked to PSG and Real Madrid in the last week. But his marriage with Juventus could continue: it would be worthwhile for both
A slim body with a gentle face look, but he was one of the most ruthless strikers in the history of football. So strong on the pitch yet so unlucky: he had to retire when he was 30
He wore the jerseys of Bari, Juventus and Sampdoria. The blonde midfielder is among the best English footballers to have ever played in Italy: his performances eclipsed Paul Gascoigne
In a slower and more tactical league, the 32-years-old Serb defender won't need to count on speed and pace as he was used to do in the Premier League. Inter's three men defense fits perfectly to his skills
The Moroccan player left his mark at his debut in Serie A. The new Rossonero has a hot-head reputation, but his potential is high. Taarabt's ex coach Harry Redknapp said: "He's a troublemaker, but he could be the new Zidane"
Keisuke will be the first Japanese ever to wear the Rossoneri jersey. However Allegri has a variety of talented players in the same position. Who will play?
After Marquinhos' departure there was a bit of skepticism about the new arrival from Udinese. After 17 games, the Moroccan has persuaded even his harshest detractors
When a player signs for a Dubai club, it seems that his career has ended. But the World Champions 2006 doesn't give in and now has a mission: save Hellas Verona from the relegation
After a glorious career in Serie A with Roma, Sampdoria, Lazio and Inter the Serbian is back to Italy to coach Samp
His Guangzhou Evergrande lost the Club World Cup semifinal against Pep Guardiola's Bayern Munich. But the Italian coach won this trophy once with Juventus