Sunday, December 28 th, 2014
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Why is Fernando Llorente struggling to roar again?
His last goal with Juventus is dated May 18. This season, despite his 9 appearances the Lion King is still attempting to score his very first goal
by Alessio Manes
"Can you hear the drums Fernando?" whispered the Swedish Pop band ABBA in 1976 from the lyric referring to a heartbroken Spanish man Fernando who had lost his great love. Today, after nearly 40 years, a new Spaniard named Fernando has lost his way to the opponents' goal but this time nobody has written a lyric for him. This man is the 29-year-oldFernando Llorente from Pamplona.

What happened to him and why is he still struggling to score his first goal this season? His last goal with Juventus, dated May 18, was a neat 2-0 against Cagliari before Claudio Marchisio's hat-trick during the very end of an incredible season. Yet, despite his smiling tweets and his encouraging "Vamos!" on Instagram and Twitter, as well as 9 appearances and 641 minutes played between the Serie A and the Champions League, the Lion King is still far from reaching the 18 goal he netted in his first term with the black and white jersey. Apart from that, according to Massimiliano Allegri, Fernando Llorente is actually playing some great football as well as being the perfect partner for Carlos Tevez.

Taking into account his past seasons, Fernando Llorente has been accumulating an average of 2800 minutes in 32 games, scoring 1 goal every 182 minutes and a total of 15/18 goals per season. Furthermore, most of his goals have come after the first eight appearances of each season. Precisely, the Hispanic scored 14 goals in his first experience in the Spanish Liga in 2009, 18 in his second and 17 in his third. However, only 3 or 4 of these goals were scored within the first two months of the beginning season. For some similar aspects, his first appearance with Juventus was somehow analogous to his past ones at Bilbao. Llorente's debut with the former manager Antonio Conte was quite challenging.

Until the very end of September, the 29-year-old striker only collected a short number of appearances without impressing very much. He was actually even considered as a fiasco. However, on the 22nd of that month he finally scored against Verona, Napoli, Real Madrid and he never stopped until the end of the season, when, as we already wrote, he scored 18 goals. Ostensibly, Fernando Llorente has always been experiencing pre-season training issues due to his large body mass which prevents him from being fit within the very beginning of every season.

Most likely, this has happened every season. However, this season he might be receiving less high balls than the past term. In fact, one of last year's main feature was definitely long balls coming from the back which most likely assisted Fernando Llorente during matches. The new season has just started and there is clearly still lots to play, most likely the Lion King is just waiting for the right prey to hunt.

Saturday, October 25 th, 2014
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