Thursday, February 19 th, 2015
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A safe refuge for tifosi
from all over the world

Ok, this is not the Serie A of Platini, Maradona, Falcao and Van Basten anymore. But we love it anyway. And, furthermore, we are optimistic. After years of decadence the Italian championship is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Top players are coming back, fans have never stopped supporting, season tickets as well as revenues are going up again. And we want to tell you this story.

Italian football has often been somewhat protectionist: for a supporter from abroad, it is hard to read analysis, details, stories of Serie A in English. Italian is not an easy language, and life, for foreign tifosi, is often hard. Serieaddicted wants to be a safe refuge for them.

Italian football is still competitive. And it has strong roots and a long tradition. Its story is full of beloved players, damned talents, great coaches, crazy and wise chairmen, picturesque characters. Our goal is to spread this 'heritage' as far as possible. But we want your contribution as well. We have collaborators from England, South Africa, Ghana, Australia and Argentina. And we'd love to have more and more. Because we are really curious to know – and to read on this website – the way supporters from abroad see Serie A.

In these pages you will notice that we don't take ourselves too seriously. We try to be as ironic and easy going as possible but without losing in quality. Editors of Serieaddicted will not hide their passion for their favorite team. We are tifosi as well, and we don't like to make a fool of you. But we can make a promise: facts will never be made up.

We do have passion and a mission: establishing Serieaddicted as your favorite destination for anything concerning Italian Calcio – for you, the fans.