Wednesday, December 3 rd, 2014
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Juve-Roma: three unforgettable recent clashes
One of the most long-lasting rivalries of Italian football has so many stories to tell and epic games to recall. We chose three recent matches
by Federico Formica
Juventus-Roma has always been a hot-rivalry match. The destiny of the 2014-2015 season seems already decided: the two sides will contend the title once again. In past term Juve and Roma went head to head, at the end they both set their respective points record, but Juventus made best than la Lupa, with a stunning 102 points outcome in the final table.

The Giallorossi and la Vecchia Signora have a long rivalry behind. We chose three games - played in a recent past - that are still impressed in the tifosi's memory.

2000-2001 season: Juventus- Roma 2-2. That was the season of Roma's third Scudetto, which is the last won by the Giallorossi so far. At that point of the season -  it was the 29th matchday - the Serie A was an affair between Juve and Roma with la Vecchia Signora challenging the Giallorossi's solitary run at the top. On May 6th, after 6 minutes, it seemed that the story of the Campionato was about to change: Juventus was 2 goals ahead with Alex Del Piero and Zinedine Zidane's goals. But Roma didn't throw in the towel: at the 80th minute, the Japanese Hidetoshi Nakata scored the 2-1 and, in the added time, the striker Vincenzo Montella scored the equalizer. Even the glacial Fabio Capello seemed to be excited in a moment like that. With that recovery, Roma proved to have a strong and solid backbone. An essential skill to win the title.


2009-2010 season: Juventus-Roma 1-2
On February 24th, 2010, Roma broke a nine-year long anathema, winning in Turin after a drought which lasted since 2001. That night, Juventus dominated the first half and scored at the beginning of the second with a beautiful goal by Alex Del Piero, the Giallorossi performed a cynic recovery. Francesco Totti, who scored in Turin against Juve for the first time, equalised and the Norwegian full-back John Arne Riise scored the winner with a perfect header. Claudio Ranieri - coach of Roma at the time - fulfilled his revenge: Juventus had fired him just a few months before.


2011-2012: Juventus-Roma 4-0
The clashes between the Bianconeri and the Giallorossi have usually been hard-fought and uncertain. Not that time. Both the clubs were starting a new era: Roma faced its first Campionato with the American property and a debuting coach: the Spaniard Luis Enrique. Juventus was trying to get the past behind with the new coach Antonio Conte. That night Juventus showed an embarassing supremacy. In 25 minutes, the Bianconeri were already leading 3-0 with one man more on the pitch, due to Stekelenburg's expulsion. A double by Vidal and one goal each by Andrea Pirlo and Claudio Marchisio buried Roma: La Vecchia Signora was ready to open a new winning cycle.


Sunday, October 5 th, 2014
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