Tuesday, February 24 th, 2015
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Analyzing combinations: how Roma can qualify for the Champions League round of 16
To go through without waiting for news from Munich, Roma has to defeat Manchester City on 10th December. But Garcia's side could also be relegated to the Europa League or even be knocked-out from every European competition
Having conceded a goal with 20 seconds to go, Roma's path to the Champions League Round of 16 is much more complicated. Now the Giallorossi, Manchester City and CSKA Moscow have 5 points each, while Bayern Munich (12 points) is already qualified. On the 10th December everything is possible. Totti's side can still clinch the qualification, be relegated to the Europa League and even stop their European journey this season.


Group E table:

team points goals scored goald conceded
Bayern Munich 12 13 4
Manchester City 5 7 8
Roma 5 8 12
CSKA Moscow 5 6 10

How Roma can go through to the Round of 16:

  • - Roma beat Manchester City. In this case, qualification is sure even if CSKA beats Bayern Munich, as Roma has a better head-to-head record with the Russian side (5-1 and 1-1).
  • - Roma draw with Man City and CSKA draw with Bayern Munich. In this case, we have to consider the Group E table as if the games vs Bayern Munich didn’t exist. The table would be: Roma 6 points CSKA 5 Man City 3
  • - Roma draw 0-0 with Man City and Bayern Munich defeat CSKA Moscow. Roma and City would have the same points but the Giallorossi would qualify for the away-goals rule (Roma scored one goal at Etihad stadium).

How Roma can qualify to the Europa League:

  • - The Giallorossi lose to Man City and CSKA lose at Allianz Arena. Man City would stay in the Champions League.
  • - The Giallorossi get a goalless draw and CSKA win at Bayern Munich (the Russian side would qualify for the CL's round of 16).
  • - Roma draw with a 1-1, and CSKA lose against Guardiola's side. In this case Roma would be out due to the best overall goal difference in the Group (-1 Manchester City, -4 Roma).
  • - Roma draw with 2-2 or higher scores against Man City and CSKA lose against Guardiola's side. The Citizens would go through thanks to the away-goals rule (Roma only scored one goal at the Etihad).

Roma is out from every European competition if:

  • - They lose at Man City and CSKA draw or win at the Allianz Arena.
Wednesday, November 26 th, 2014
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