Friday, April 22 nd, 2016
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Does Juventus really need Carlitos Tevez?
Bianconeri needed a 30-goals-per-season striker: the Apache can't promise that
by Federico Formica
Once upon a time, Serie A was a massive importer of talents. But in the last 15 years, italian championship has been losing most of its appeal. Economic resourcers has dramatically plunged  almost for all clubs. So la créme, (the top players), prefer to sign for Spanish, English, German and now even French clubs.

That's the reason why the Italian press was so excited for the arrival of Carlos Tevez, a player Juventus doesn't need. Sure, he's been purchased for only 9 millions (euros) + 3 for bonuses, a bargain. But we are talking about a 29 years old player who's been discarded without regrets by the two Manchester's clubs: United and City. During his time in England, he only played to the peak of his abilities for two seasons out of seven

We can't discuss Tevez's tecnhique, but Juventus was looking for a top scorer, a 30-gol-per-season-player. And the argentinian doesn't comply to this profile. With 71 scored gol in the season 2012-2013 (one less than Edinson Cavani's Naples) Juventus has not a problem in scoring. But in many matches, bianconeri felt the absence of a reference point like Cavani was for Napoli, Milito for Internazionale and Totti for As Roma.

One fact says it all: Juve top-goalscorer in serie A was Arturo Vidal – a midfielder- with 10 goals scored. Giuseppe Marotta, Juventus' sporting director, is perfectly aware of that. And it's not a coincidence that Juventus tried to purchase another argentinian, Real Madrid's Gonzalo Higuain. He would have been the perfect striker for coach Antonio Conte: he's phisically strong, he has a good technique, an istinct for goal and a has good experience playing in international competitions. But Higuain signed for Napoli. The partenopei have found a convincing substitute of Edinson Cavani, who flew to Paris Saint Germain for € 63 million. With Higuain replacing Cavani, can the vice champions Napoli narrow the gap with Juventus? The pitch will give the verdict.

The authentic Juve's new-man could be the basque Fernando Llorente, purchased from Athletic Club de Bilbao. But he has to keep his promises and demonstrate to match up with Serie A, more physical championship than spanish la Liga.

In case Tevez and Lllorente won't succeed, that should not be a problem for Juventus: the team is good enough to win another Serie A title without a striker. The real problem is that Serie A really needs big names like Carlitos Tevez – a player dumped by the English Premier League - to recover some international appeal.

Thursday, August 22 nd, 2013
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