Monday, August 10 th, 2015
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Inter-Milan, 1963: Mazzola scores after 13 seconds
It was his first derby as a professional, but for Mazzola 13 seconds were enough to enter history books. His star started to shine that day
In the 1960s, the city of Milan dominated the European football scene. In that decade, Inter and Milan became European Champions twice (each), becoming the first two teams from the same city to win the European Cup (or Champions League). As of today, the Milan derby is still the only one in Europe between two former Champions of Europe


This 1963 derby was the last one to be played before one of the two teams would become continental champion. In fact, Milan would win the European Cup just three months later, whilst Inter would win its first Italian title under Angelo Moratti’s presidency (yes, Massimo’s father). Inter would win the following two editions of what in Italy became known as the Cup with the “big ears” (although the "big ears" came in 1967- when Inter reached its third final in four years, losing to Glasgow Celtic), whilst Milan would close the decade with its second victory in 1969.

In the 1960s, the derby meant much more that what it means today, with a city that is basically 50% rossonera and 50% nerazzurra, with no distinction between race, gender or class. Back then, Inter was the team of the Bourgeoisie (the so called “Bauscia”, that means braggart in the Milanese dialect), whilst Milan was the team of the working-class, of the blue-collars (“Casciavit”, screwdriver in dialect).

This video is a historical footage of the quickest goal ever to be scored in a Derby. But it is also the story of a boy becoming a man. After some say 12, some say 13 seconds, the 21-year-old Sandrino Mazzola beats the expert Giorgio Ghezzi, giving the lead to the nerazzurri. From that day on, the son of the great and unlucky Valentino Mazzola would become one of the brightest stars in Inter’s history.

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