Friday, August 22 nd, 2014
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Milan wins the title hands down. At least on the social networks
The rossoneri are the most liked and followed respectively on Facebook and Twitter. Juventus and Inter get on the podium
by Mohamed Ezzat and Federico Formica
Milan is facing huge problems in this 2013-2014 season and currently sits very far even from the Europa League qualification. But in the social networks, the rossoneri win the title hands down. With almost 18 million Facebook fans and 1,5 million followers on Twitter, Milan largely outperforms Juventus and Inter, respectively second and third in both the rankings. Roma and Napoli follow with an increasing audience, helped by the good results they are harvesting in these months.

But even the most famous Italian clubs fade in front of the 46 million fans of Barcelona on Facebook, 43,5 M who like Real Madrid or the 36,7 who like Manchester United. The newly-promoted Sassuolo is condemned to relegation in both on-field and social rankings together with Livorno, which does not have any Facebook or Twitter account. Astonishing, but true. Catania is a disaster on Twitter (only 9.600 followers and we are talking about a club that fills up its stadium very often) but does better on Facebook. Check it out yourself.

Milan 17,9 M
Juventus 7,5 M
Inter 2,5 M
Roma 1,9 M
Napoli 1 M
Lazio 140,000
Fiorentina 135.000
Genoa 77.000
Cagliari 72.000
Catania 72.000
Udinese 63.000
Sampdoria 48.000
Parma 37.000
Hellas Verona 36.500
Bologna 35.000
Torino 32.500
Atalanta 27.000
Sassuolo 24.600
Chievo Verona 17.000
Livorno Absent

Milan 1,5 M
Juventus 820.000
Inter 400.000
Roma 250.000 
Napoli 202.000
Fiorentina 70,000
Lazio 67.600
Genoa 35.300
Torino 31.000
Udinese 27.600
Sampdoria 26.000
Parma 22.600
Bologna 21.000
Atalanta 18.000
Chievo Verona 17.400
Cagliari 16.500
Hellas Verona 13.800
Sassuolo 10.000
Catania 9.600
Livorno Absent

Tuesday, October 29 th, 2013
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