Thursday, August 21 st, 2014
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Can Fiorentina's fans dream? Three reasons why Viola are stronger
Viola's tifosi are strongly convinced about the recent market session: this expectations are based on good roster changes compared to last year's team
by Claudio Di Sanza
On a famous Fiorentina supporters’ website, a recent opinion poll assessed that almost 3000 people (47%) were so convinced about the recent Viola’s market session that it deserved the grade of 8/10. This grade does not only reflect the great expectations of viola’s supporters towards the possibility of a brilliant 2013-14 season, but is mainly based on 3 big and real improvements of Fiorentina’s roster compared to last year’s team.


The first big improvement is the “swap” of the old forward line (Jovetić-Ljaijć) with the new one (Rossi-Gomez). This is the symbol of the rediscovered aims of la Viola for the current season, as both of the new forwards are considered “top players” and as such, they represent a big investment from the board. They will allow the team to rapidly switch from 4-3-3 to 3-5-2 and will broaden the possibility to score by taking advantage of different solutions which were not suitable last year. So far, the investment is already paying back Fiorentina, as in the first 2 matchdays Rossi scored 3 goals and Gomez 2.


The second improvement is represented by the upgrade and enlargement of the roster with many good and/or experienced players, thus fixing an important issue of the past year: the need of high-grade substitutes for some critical players of the team. This is the case of the “oldies but goldies” Massimo Ambrosini (free agent) and Joaquin (€2m), allowing key players, as respectively Pizarro and Cuadrado, to rest thus ensuring a good management of the team towards the 3 competition of this year (Serie A, TIM cup and Europa League). Even the signing of Josip Iličič (€9m) and Ante Rebić (€4m) will result in valuable substitutes for respectively Rossi and Gomez (€20m).


Last but not least, we have the third improvement which is a consequence of the first two: although Fiorentina has spent almost € 40m, the overall balance of this market session is positive (+4m) because of the transfer of 4 players, namely Alessio Cerci (€4.5 m), Adem Ljaijć (€11 m), Stevan Jovetić (€26 m) and Haris Seferović (€3 m). This allowed Fiorentina’s board to buy such valuable players as the aforementioned Gomez, Ilicic and Joaquin without any financial imbalance. This means that in times of Financial Fair Play, as suggested by UEFA, Fiorentina is a team capable of self-sustaining without giving up their aims.


So far so good then? Of course, but some potential pitfalls may occur and affect the aims of the team throughout the season. The biggest question mark is represented by the goalkeeper. Despite many attempts to buy a new “number 1”, the goalkeeper for this season will be the young and inexperienced brasilian player Neto, who did not impress last year in few appearences and confirmed this impression with a terrible beginning of the current season. Other dangers may be represented by the lack of a proper David Pizarro substitute, as Bakic and Ambrosini allow for some turnover but none of them can properly replace Pizarro’s unique skills. Based on the renewed ambitions of Fiorentina, further transactions are therefore to be expected in the next January market session to fix these potential weaknesses, thereby unraveling the real goals of the team for the current season.

Thanks to our reviewer John Cavenaghi

Wednesday, September 11 th, 2013
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