Saturday, July 19 th, 2014
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Juve jersey photo by Skalka7, Flickr
Juventus' five offensive keys to open the opposing defenses
Conte can rely of Tevez, Llorente, Vučinić, Giovinco and Quagliarella. Each one has different skills. It's up to the coach to combine them
by Alessio Manes
“The more you score, the greater the probability of winning”. This might be the right potion. Especially if the strikers of a great team are mostly very effective. It is Antonio Conte’s third year tendency that emerges from the first five games of the season. Statistics are simply impressive: about 62.5% of the goals were scored by Juve’s counter attack. About 70% if we add Fabio Quagliarella’s goal against København FC and Chievo. If on the one hand this is a positive aspect for the coach, on the other hand Antonio Conte will face a continuously complicated decision every week trying to sort out what offensive “couple” will fit the most.


Things are now getting more sophisticated. Especially after the game against Hellas Verona. The top scorer Carlitos Tevez and the Re Leone Fernando Llorente have increased the competition among the other team mates after signing the winning goals. Antonio Conte is very proud of the two strikers, especially for the former “Citizen” who is actually considered nearly untouchable.

But is the Argentinian really untouchable? Would Sebastian Giovinco be the perfect partner? Can Fabio Quagliarella replace Mirko Vučinić in some matches? In order to answer these questions, let’s have a close look to the characteristics of each player.

Sebastian Giovinco, La formica atomica.

Rapidity, pace and smartness. These are the main characteristics of the little italian striker. His qualities are essential to Antonio Conte’s tactic and he could basically play along with any team mate.

Carlos Tevez, Fuerte Apache.

Has “la Vecchia Signora” finally found Alessandro Del Piero’s heir? There would be too much talk but Juve’s new number 10 is convincing game after game. Quality combined to strength seems just enough. He is already a top scorer of the team and can play everywhere.

Fernando Llorente, the target man.
El Rey Leon from Pamplona - Spain - is the tallest striker of the squad. A target man. Tall with good technique and a superb header. His physical characteristics are perfect to break through the opposite defense. He may also be used to win long-balls or receive passes and "hold up" the ball as team-mates advance.

Fabio Quagliarella, the perfect sniper.
He is known as the sniper. The man that scores the most difficult goals. He was actually born as a second striker but in the last few years he played as a center forward. Technically superior to most, Fabio is capable of PlayStation-type goals and is always on the lookout for an opportunity to exploit. Nowadays he would be the perfect partner for anyone.

Mirko Vučinić, a nagging genius.
Genius might be a noun used to describe Vucinic. Creative, intelligent and capable of raising the level of play of those around him, he is a focal point for this Bianconeri side and the star who kept the Juventus forward line ticking. Capable of playing in different positions, the Montenegrin boasts incredible vision, a sublime touch and an unpredictable edge. Yet much like Quagliarella, he is also frustratingly inconsistent and far too moody to be relied upon in all matches.

They are all potentially outstanding but only two of them will convince Antonio Conte before every match. Who will it be?

Monday, November 25 th, 2013
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